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Time to shed the extra weight, get back to feeling fit, nourish your body, revive your self-care, bring the focus back to you. You know you want more for yourself, your health, and your overall sense of vitality.


You want your inner light to shine.


You want to feel fit, energetic, happy, alive. And you know that you’ve got to tackle the challenges that stand in your way. But you don’t know where to start: with diet? exercise? something else? It’s tough to make changes, especially with so much conflicting information out there. You’ve been drowning in overwhelm, in that place of good intention where maybe you know what you have to do, but you just can’t seem to actually get yourself around to doing it.


You’ve got a sense of where you’d like to go,

but could use some help figuring things out.


You need someone to help you turn your desires into action.


I’m Tiffany Clay, a Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

I believe that true health and wellness comes from within. To look good on the outside it’s essential to feel good on the inside. Because you don’t have to sacrifice one to have the other.


I specialize in helping women like you navigate the maze of fitness and diet information out there, so you can finally make your fitness and health goals a reality.

I was once where you are

Stuck, Overwhelmed, Confused

I thought I was eating the right food, doing the right exercise, but I wasn’t getting the results I desired, and I was frustrated.


I struggled to balance eating well and exercise with a demanding corporate job that had me chained to a desk 60 hours a week, with another 10 hours a week of commuting on top! I was stressed out, had problems with digestion, and rarely got enough sleep; a vicious cycle that kept me spinning my wheels until I’d finally had enough. I had the exercise and nutrition knowledge, but I needed some support.


 So I hired my own coach to help me figure it out.


And that’s when everything changed.

My Mission

I believe so strongly in the power of coaching that I became a coach myself.


I believe that a healthy lifestyle comes from a balance of fitness, nutrition, mindset and self-care.


I take a holistic approach to health and wellness, because I believe that looking good should not come at the expense of feeling good.

Why coaching?

Making changes in exercise and nutrition is tough!

Over the past few years of working with many women just like you I discovered that coaching is powerful – it’s the missing link that brings exercise and nutrition together so that it serves you and what you most need so that you can get what you want.


Coaching is powerful for making lasting change and empowering you to sustain healthy behaviours for the long term.

What’s it like to work with me?

Think of me more like a guide than a boss; I’m not going to force you to conform to any strict diet or exercise plan. Or to any other crazy plan for that matter! Forget magic pills, supplements, cleanses and restrictive diets.


I don’t believe in extreme meal plans, over-restriction, or exercise programs that make you vomit. Rather, you get a personalized approach. Because you have a unique background and life experience, and different challenges to overcome.


You have your own ideas on what you want to achieve, and you get to set your own goals.


And we get to work together
to make that happen.

Tiffany Clay is a Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, and Pilates and Yoga Instructor.


She has studied with some of the best teachers and certification programs in the world, including Wellcoaches, Precision Nutrition, DTS Fitness Education, CanFit Pro, Stott Pilates, Body Harmonics Pilates, David Swenson, Chuck Miller, Kino MacGregor, and Natasha Rizopolous.


Tiffany is passionate about helping others live their fittest, healthiest lives.


She’s inspired to help people find ease and joy in living healthfully, while challenging them to break through barriers and achieve goals they never thought possible.


She offers coaching via distance and is currently developing more programs to help women to achieve success with their nutrition and fitness goals.


Offline, she is based in Toronto, Canada and specializes in teaching Pilates.


Her previous life in the corporate world includes over 15 years experience in client service and supervisory management for a global asset management company, both in Canada and in London, England.


When she’s not hanging upside down on the Pilates Cadillac you can find her lifting weights at the gym, chilling out on her yoga mat, or taking long walks with her husband.

Want to learn more about how we can work together?

I look forward to meeting you.